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The Spicey Wifey Gift Box by LoveLust Gift Boxes is a perfect Adults-Only Gift Box to give to your wife or partner for Mother’s Day or any day!

Comes in Dust Bag & Black Box.

Gift Box by LoveLust Includes:

  • Neon Luv Touch Bullet
  • Sexy 6 - Dice Foreplay Game
  • Goodhead Tingle Drops 
  • Wicked Pleasers - Flavoured Sachets x10
  • Fetish Satin Blind Fold


Neon Luv Touch Bullet


You'll glow with pleasure from this radiant Neon Luv-Touch Bullet! Lined with our super-soft Luv Touch material, this vibrant bullet is smooth to the touch, satisfying and ultra sleek. Push the one-touch control and let the silent vibrations whisk you away. Try it in the shower or hot tub and turn bath time into passion play!

- Waterproof
- Phthalates Free
- Requires 3 LR44 / AG13 (1.5V) Batteries (Included)


Sexy 6 - Foreplay Dice Game


Couples Dice Game

Let the Sexy 6 Dice dictate your foreplay fate. With 720 possible outcomes you can be sure to keep variety and spontaneity alive in your relationship.
Feel the anticipation build as you roll each dice in turn to gradually reveal the formula for your fun.

Die 1: Will it be you or me in the hot seat.
Die 2: Will we be giving or receiving the treat.
Die 3: What foreplay fun is to be done?
Die 4: What body part is to receive the love?
Die 5: How will the pleasure be given?
Die 6: Where will the Magic happen?

All that’s left for you to decide is how many times do you want to play!


Goodhead Oral Sex Gels - Tingle Drops


This set of oral sex enhancers intensify blow jobs by tingling, teasing, and sweetening the entire package. Our GoodHead Tingle Drops come packaged in easy-to-use 29 ml drip bottles and three mouthwatering flavours: Strawberry, Green Apple, and Watermelon. You’ll love the user-friendly package and delicious fruit flavours that effectively provide the perfect blend of great taste and delightful sensations. A couple drops are all you need! Proudly made in America.

- Enhances flavour during oral sex
- Delivers pleasurable tingling sensations
- Vegan & PETA Friendly
- Includes Three Distinct 29 ml Tubes
- Free from Parabens and Sugar
- Proudly Made in America


Wicked Teasers - 10x Sachets Flavoured Lubricant 


Deliciously Decadent flavoured lubricants in individual pillow packs!

Perfect for adventures on the move, each lickable travel-sized packette is a mouth watering flavour sensation designed for pleasure and formulated with intimate safety and wellness at the core.

The entire Wicked Sensual Care Collection is paraben-free and each unique flavour is sweetened with Stevia Extract to enhance flavour & leave no aftertaste.

3 x Candy Apple Flavour Packettes
3 x Mocha Java Flavour Packettes
3 x Salted Caramel Flavour Packettes
Plus 1 packette of Toy Love gel lubricant for toys


Ouch Soft Mask


You can use this eye mask as a nightshade for yourself or try it on your lover to create an exciting, mysterious experience. Bring your lover in a enjoyable state of darkness that raises his or hers sexual lust. This soft eye mask stays in place with a comfortable elastic fabric strap.

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